Customers Are A Top Priority At East Coast Warehouse

Customers Are A Top Priority At East Coast Warehouse

East Coast Warehouse has provided its customers with only the best in service, performance, and results for their businesses. Outsourcing your business’ warehousing and fulfillment tasks can help save time and money. We manage your inventory for you, so you can direct all your energies on other needs. As a shipping fulfillment company, we have a highly trained team and strong core values for exceptional customer service.

How We Help Your Business

We understand the ever time-consuming tasks of keeping track of inventory, orders, processing, and shipping. That’s why our services make sense for business owners. We apply our knowledge of growing markets like subscription box services, healthcare product fulfillment, and more to your business needs. When we work with a business we supply the tools to manage inventory, view orders, and track shipments through our online portal. This keeps the business running and the owners in the loop while their products are distributed. 

What We Guarantee

Providing access to our fulfillment center services gets your products where they need to go. We offer the ability to ship to the major east coast cities quickly and affordably. Our location is just 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, placing us 5 minutes from the turnpike. This helps us provide the cost-effective fulfillment solutions for the last 15 years, and we’re only growing. We chose this location because it saves businesses money.

Our Services 

At East Coast Warehouse, we incorporate e-commerce as a huge part of our services. In an ever-growing industry, we see that technology is constantly being integrated into our work. Through our e-commerce services, we can offer kitting and assembly. If a business isn’t working with a kitting and assembly service they are forced to do it in house, which tends to slow down their process. The kitting process is when we arrange items in a specific order. We offer the services so your customers can be satisfied in a timely fashion. 

The other half of our business specialization is subscription box fulfillment. Subscription boxes are booming, and we are here to help. Our team will handle your inventory from start to finish, giving your boxes that crafted and professional look. By outsourcing this service, you can expand your subscriptions and grow your business. You’ll be able to track your subscription products and remain hands-free so you can focus on managing your business. 

Leading the Industry

Our e-commerce and subscription services set us apart from competitors. East Coast Warehouse is driven by strong business ethics and unwavering dedication to building relationships with our customers. We are here to help your business save time and money on your inventory and shipping processes. To learn more, contact us today.