East Coast Warehouse Pays Attention to Every Detail Just as You Would for Your Business

East Coast Warehouse Pays Attention to Every Detail Just as You Would for Your Business

One of our core values is that the needs and interests of our clients should factor into every possible decision we make. Everything needs to be aligned with what’s best for them, from how we run our business to the tools we use. That’s why for all aspects of business, from marketing campaigns to customer service, one thing remains constant: Being attentive to every detail. But how do we maintain this focus at East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment? One way we are very mindful is by paying attention to each subscription order as it comes in and throughout its time with us. Here are the most important ways we do this.

We Make Sure Every Subscription Box is a Beautiful Work of Art, Each Time

We treat every subscription box as though it is a work of art. We strive to highlight the beauty of every order, whether it is a gift to be delivered to someone we love or a treat for ourselves. In every order we get at East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, regardless of prior orders or experiences, we put in the same effort to ensure our clients will love it for years to come.

We Give Our Subscription Boxes the Care They Deserve

At East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, we not only put care into each box we send but into each component of that box. Each item is selected and placed with meticulous detail and attention. The approach we have found to be most effective is always to consider what we would want if we were on the receiving end. It could be as simple as making sure to include an item from our clients’ favorite things list in their box or choosing an extra special piece for our VIP clients.

We Make Sure Our Subscription Boxes Will Bring Them Joy Forever

When sending out subscription boxes, our clients must bring joy today and in the days and years. That means ensuring that the boxes they receive will make them feel good every time they receive them, rather than feeling disappointed or discouraged by an experience from a past box. But beyond this, we further test our boxes in the field by having subscription box fulfillment companies like yours put them through their paces too! By doing so, we can continuously improve what we do.

We Make Sure We Can Delight our Clients Every Step of the Way

To ensure that we’re delighting our clients with every step of the process, we take a top-down approach to tracking customer satisfaction. This is done by ensuring that our clients are happy with their boxes and experience top notch customer service along the way. It’s about figuring out where we can improve, then taking action. We always want to provide the best possible experience for our clients, so if anything ever falls short of this ideal, there’s a way for us to fix it.

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East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment makes a constant effort to be the best subscription box service out there. You can contact us at (610) 524 4290 when you are worried about your subscription’s personal touch and quality when shipping and outsourcing kitting. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!