Healthcare Product Fulfillment – How Your Business Can Get In On an Expanding Market

Healthcare Product Fulfillment – How Your Business Can Get In On an Expanding Market

Product fulfillment services for healthcare and the medical field is becoming increasingly popular.  It’s the largest growing area of the business, so companies must make sure to choose the right one for their fulfillment center services. There are a few different ways that companies can take advantage of the benefits, as well as a lot of things companies should know when choosing which center to work with.        

The Medical Industry

The medical industry is a heavily regulated one. Many medications are controlled substances, some medications need to be stored at specific temperatures, and all medications are perishables. Medication and medical equipment are subject to recalls. Mislabeled medications are not only dangerous, they’re deadly. The right center will have the property, equipment, and software needed to keep everything safe and sterile for patient use. They’ll also have discreet packaging and shipping options to prevent medication from being stolen.


Makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty products are also handled through healthcare product fulfillment. Depending on the substance it may need special packaging to keep from spilling or breaking while in transit. Others have special needs and regulations for storage and shipping due to the chemicals in them. Be sure to choose a shipment center that’s able to properly handle them, store them, and clean up any mess they might make. Some items, like perfume, are subject to FDA regulations so the product fulfillment center you choose should have a very clean track record when it comes to FDA standards.


While not subject to FDA regulations like medication and certain cosmetics, health supplements do have expiration dates that must be paid attention to. Vitamins and supplements also require storage in specific temperatures for their active ingredients to remain effective. Many supplements, such as soft gel capsules, need extra care when being handled because they break easily.

Choosing the Right Product Fulfillment Center

Eastcoast Warehouse and Fulfillment supplies all of our clients via the tools and software necessary for tracking and managing their products. The minds of healthcare product manufacturers and their customers can be at ease knowing their shipments are easily monitored from anywhere at all times. Our security systems are ideal for housing sensitive products like controlled substances. Contact us today to learn more about how we handle, store, and ship sensitive items like healthcare supplies.