using technology in warehouse

How Technology Can Be Utilized in Shipping and Fulfillment

Changing Logistics Forever

Many businesses, especially eCommerce businesses, have uprooted the traditional logistics format. Because of the higher demand for faster delivery processes, technology has been needed to help streamline shipping and order fulfillment. As eCommerce businesses have advanced, so has technology for shipping and fulfillment services. At East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment, we help businesses with their logistic needs. Here’s how technology like ours is used in shipping and order fulfillment.

1. Automation

As the demand for faster deliveries has risen, so has the advancement of automation. Waiting for a workforce to send orders to a warehouse and payroll is no longer viable. Automation can now perform numerous jobs in one. They consolidate orders, so businesses are able to support product offers as well as promotions that they’re running with ease.

Automation has also allowed for easy management of payment processing. As soon as a buyer makes the purchase, their order can be sent to the warehouse immediately.

Some automation has even been involved in customer service activities. For example, chatbots are better at fielding customers who have questions frequently asked. They can also immediately look for answers in their database and satisfy the questions of the buyer.

All of these processes further nurture the relationship that the buyer has with the business. They trust the business to complete their order within a given timeframe.

2. Data Analysis

Data is king. Thanks to technology, more data is able to be analyzed than ever. This helps businesses make important decisions. Whether it’s through automation or AI, data is recorded about what purchases are popular and where problems have accumulated. That information can help business leaders make decisions about cuts and reforms that need to take place.

Perhaps the company found that its customers enjoyed one promotion more than the other. As a result, they may run another promotion similar to it and cut the poor-performing one away.

Data can also help businesses understand their market. The demographic of their key buyers can help better market themselves to more in that population.

3. AI

Artificial technology is slowly becoming more powerful in every facet of business. It’s also helped with shipping and fulfillment. By examining the data that it has collected, it can summarize its findings and give business leaders a summarization of courses that they can take to impact the business even more.

They can also help make pick/pack operations more efficient by finding the most efficient picking routes.

Streamline Your Shipping and Fulfillment

If you’re interested in seeing what technology can do for your warehouse, then contact our company. We can help implement advanced features to completely transform your logistics department. As technology develops, so will the logistics sector.