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Revolutionizing the Shipping and Fulfillment Industry

eCommerce remains of the most lucrative methods of business in the current market. Due to being in a virtual space, eCommerce business owners save a great deal of money on costs and rent. Yet one Achille’s Heel of the eCommerce business is shipping and order fulfillment. Thanks to the incredible shipping services from Amazon, most consumers expect their orders to be shipped quickly and efficiently. Yet not every eCommerce business has the same resources that Amazon does. Instead, they need to rely on innovative technologies. Here are a few technologies that the best fulfillment centers are using to completely innovate the shipping and fulfillment industry.

Telemetrics Keeps Everyone Informed

One perk that Amazon offered its consumers was the ability to track their package. At the beginning of this feature, consumers only knew a potential range of days in which their package might arrive. Nowadays, telemetrics is making more information available at a faster rate.

Thanks to GPS, RFID tags, and Bluetooth technologies, telemetrics not only gives consumers a better idea of when they might receive their order, but it’s also helping logistic teams keep track of the orders as they’re shipped.

One problem that some logistics companies face is miscommunication. All it takes is for someone to forget to mark something, and a package can be left behind. With telemetrics becoming more advanced, that’s less likely to happen. As a result, shipping is more efficient and consumers are able to get their packages on time–if not sooner.

Automation-as-a-Service Helps Small and Large Businesses

One of the best innovative introductions to the shipping and order fulfillment world was the Robot Picker technology. Filling and packing boxes have never been easier for eCommerce businesses, especially those that are in the subscription box industry. However, another innovation that is making Robot Pickers even more advanced is Automation-as-a-Service.

This essentially allows businesses to scale their Robot Pickers according to the season. In times when you need extra hands, you can utilize Automation-as-a-Service to fill those slots with more Robot Pickers. When things slow down again, then you’re able to cut back those resources easily.

This innovation only charges when it’s used. Instead of having to pay it year-round, businesses choose when to use it and then pay for it during that use. This allows smaller businesses to use some of the exciting technology that is typically reserved for larger eCommerce businesses.

Drone Deliveries

Although it will likely be a few years before we regularly see drones delivering packages, it is on the horizon. In time, drone deliveries could completely change the way businesses handle shipping and order fulfillment.

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