The Increasing Importance of Warehouse Fulfillment Services During a Global Pandemic

The Increasing Importance of Warehouse Fulfillment Services During a Global Pandemic

This pandemic has caused unprecedented damage on a global level. Businesses and people alike are greatly struggling to make ends meet, and have had to seek out alternatives to try and keep their lives as close to normal as possible. This has caused a rise in both the use and importance of distribution and fulfillment services such as our own.

Fulfillment Center Closures

Some warehouse fulfillment service centers, unfortunately, have had to close due to their employees testing positive for the virus. As a result of these closures, other fulfillment centers have had to take on additional work. This is especially difficult when geography is taken into consideration, as fulfillment centers have to take on additional work from different parts of the country. These geographical burdens put a strain on efficiency. Many chain fulfillment centers usually restrict specific store locations to work in their general area.  

Business and Customer Reliance

Many businesses have been forced to close their doors, permanently in some cases. This is causing many to become more and more reliant on the internet for advertising, networking, and sales. The use of e-commerce rose significantly as a result of the pandemic. This means that more and more companies are now counting on product fulfillment services to stay open. This has both short-term and long-term impacts on local economies and the economic state of the country as a whole.

Customer Reliance

Much like businesses, customers have become increasingly reliant on product fulfillment centers. However, their reasons for doing so make our staying open to be very crucial. More and more customers are relying on distribution and fulfillment centers to receive basic household necessities, something most people have never done before. An increasingly large number of people need centers to stay open so they can receive hygiene products, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and even food. It’s not an exaggeration to say that many people are counting on us to survive in these difficult times.

The Employees

Every industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, with distribution and fulfillment centers being no exception. Unfortunately, countless individuals have lost their jobs and their lives have been completely disrupted. Without healthy employees, fulfillment centers can’t stay open, and we understand many people are counting on us. More importantly, we are doing our best to adhere to the guidelines put in place so our employees don’t have to face the same struggles.