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What Exactly Is A Fulfillment Warehouse?

What Exactly Is A Fulfillment Warehouse?

The rapid expansion of e-commerce contributed to the development of a popular third party logistics service: the fulfillment warehouse. Yet considerable ambiguity surrounds this trendy catchword. Perhaps you’ve wondered what distinguishes a fulfillment warehouse from a conventional warehouse? And how might its services benefit your business?

More Than a Warehouse Alone

Ever since the dawn of the Industrial Age, companies have appreciated the value of warehouses. Originally designated storage areas, these locations allow a manufacturer to stock a variety of parts or finished goods in a secure, controlled site. In some small firms, warehouse managers also oversee shipping and product distribution.

Today, fulfillment warehouses still perform an inventory storage role. Yet they frequently serve multiple companies. Since operating a big, well-equipped warehouse requires significant capital, the availability of third party warehouse fulfillment centers greatly assists small businesses (especially startup firms with limited budgets). An entrepreneur can rely upon a fulfillment warehouse to store, pack, and ship goods the company sells to online customers, for example. This process helps streamline costs, while expediting the delivery of in-demand products. It also facilitates nationwide and international marketing.

Fulfillment With Turnkey Inventory Management Services Included

Today, East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment takes the fulfillment warehouse paradigm to the next level of service. We offer not only inventory storage and fulfillment assistance, but turnkey inventory management, as well. This feature supplies important help to entrepreneurs; they don’t need to constantly check the status of particular stocked items at various points in time to ensure ordering and fulfillment occur seamlessly.

We use automated systems to ensure our customers always know the volume of individual inventory items at the warehouse. Our logistical systems track order fulfillment meticulously. We free our customers to focus their energies on marketing and sales. They enjoy a better opportunity to develop new business without expending valuable time and energy supervising inventory management systems.

The Advantages of Using a Full-Service Fulfillment Warehouse

What benefits do customers obtain by selecting our firm to handle order fulfillment and inventory management? While individual circumstances may vary, many companies discover they can operate effectively without investing in expensive inventory management software when they contract with us. Our fulfillment warehouse helps these firms operate more cost-effectively in a competitive global marketplace.

Additionally, we offer the advantage of flexibility. Small enterprises sometimes experience challenges establishing a constant, even volume of business. Unexpectedly high numbers of orders may occur during certain months. Our customers know they can count on our dependable fulfillment services in these situations.