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In allowing us to manage your inventory, you're gaining the time you need to concentrate on the more important areas of your business such as marketing and sales.
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Best Fulfillment Distribution Center in the US

In business, we recognize that time is money. Outsourcing your logistics and warehousing and shipping fulfillment tasks can help save you both. In allowing us to manage your inventory, you’re gaining the time you need to concentrate on the more important areas of your business.

We’re a 3PL with ecommerce DNA and a team of fulfillment fanatics who care about our clients’ businesses like their own. We see things from our customers’ perspective, and have the guarantees to prove it.

Zero shrinkage. Zero mispicks.
Fast check-ins. Guaranteed.

Safeguard your resources. Enhance your customer satisfaction.

Delegate your fulfillment and logistics tasks while upholding the same level of quality and attention as if you had personally constructed it from the ground up.

Warehousing for the Modern Business World

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly digital, customers have come to expect a level of convenience that can only be satisfied with the latest in supply chain advancements. At the end of the day, providing quality products and services for our customers is about solving problems, and with the proper fulfillment and logistics fundamentals in place, it’s easier to solve those problems with greater consistency.  

At East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, our dedicated warehousing solutions are the first step towards greater consistency and lasting customer satisfaction. From our safe and secure inventory storage to guaranteed on-time shipments from our responsive fulfillment center, you’ll gain the competitive edge with our integrated approach to managing every aspect of your day-to-day logistics.

Excellence in Distribution From Coast to Coast

At East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, our expansive shipping and fulfillment services are supported by an incredible network of transportation partners across the US. The key to our affordable and proficient fulfillment and logistics success begins with our centrally-located fulfillment center. This enables us to streamline our ecommerce fulfillment center and deliver to more businesses and clients in less time.

Since our third-party warehouse ships greater volumes with routine loading/unloading, our partners avoid the higher prices associated with partial trailer loads or intermittent shipments. With this bulk shipping advantage, our order fulfillment warehouse maintains a cost-effective service model and our partners reap the benefits.

Our discounted transportation network spans the USA/international markets and includes the best transportation safety features to prevent inventory damage during delivery. Our ecommerce distribution center only works with trusted transportation partners, and with our dedicated shipping routes and optimized shipping fulfillment, you gain an edge over other online retailers.

How Our Fulfillment Center Protects Your Budget

As your business grows, so do the complexities involved with managing the accompanying logistics considerations. As a cost-effective fulfillment center, we manage every detail of your storage and fulfillment needs and proactively protect your budget in several ways:

Prevent Accidental Inventory Damage & Loss

In our warehouse fulfillment center, we utilize reliable pick & pack equipment to prevent inventory damage, protect items in our cool & dry ecommerce fulfillment warehouse, & feature multi-faceted security measures to guarantee your inventory fulfillment is protected every step of the way.

Save on Storage Rental & Staffing Costs

Renting a fulfillment center and hiring staff to manage your increasing inventory supply and product fulfillment needs is a costly endeavor. The best way to protect your bottom line is as simple as working with a third-party warehouse. Our advanced ecommerce fulfillment warehouse infrastructure can easily manage scalable storage needs, allowing you to remain focused on what your company does best.

Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Renting a fulfillment center and hiring staff to manage your increasing inventory supply and product fulfillment needs is a costly endeavor. The best way to protect your bottom line is as simple as working with a third-party warehouse. Our advanced ecommerce fulfillment warehouse infrastructure can easily manage scalable storage needs, allowing you to remain focused on what your company does best.

Streamline Returns Processing

Hand-in-hand with our outbound shipping and fulfillment, our warehousing and fulfillment include full-service returns management. Our professional product shipping center will instantly update your new inventory levels, quickly resend replacement products, and manage every other aspect of the returns process with our all-inclusive storage & warehousing assistance.

You will find fulfillment companies that are bigger and cheaper, but we challenge you to find one founded
that cares as much as ECWF does.

Improve Client Relationships With Reliable Fulfillment

The moment an order is placed through your ecommerce platform, our top fulfillment distribution center processes the shipment without delay. Our warehouse fulfillment processes are designed to provide fast and responsive service. With our ecommerce fulfillment center behind your processing, your business will benefit from shorter delivery times and happier customers.

With a third-party warehouse powering your improved oversight, you can easily monitor important fulfillment order details through our ecommerce warehouse management system. Receive instant updates the moment we pull your inventory from our storage warehouse and distribution center, providing accurate warehouse fulfillment information to your customers with confidence. You will have access to real-time inventory levels, turn-key assistance with subscription box fulfillment, and gain unparalleled product fulfillment awareness and inventory control.

Cutting-Edge Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions

Our ecommerce fulfillment center features all of the latest advances in the world of online ecommerce order fulfillment. Our ecommerce fulfillment platform is designed for user-friendly simplicity and naturally builds upon the key strengths of your online business model. Ecommerce fulfillment is the new global standard, and now that customers expect fast and affordable delivery, our ecommerce fulfillment solutions are the best way to prevent customers from taking their business elsewhere.

With our advanced ecommerce warehouse management system, we have implemented a variety of client-focused features that make it easier to manage your inventory, track best-selling products, and prevent low-inventory levels from interfering with your sales figures. Are you ready to optimize your product warehouse and shipping fulfillment? With access to helpful warehousing and fulfillment features like clearly-defined fulfillment and logistics delivery estimates, shipping rates, and easily adjustable kitting and bundling services, we can help your company flourish.

The challenges & needs of our customers are coded into our DNA.

So, we operate differently.

Our Guarantees

Inadequate fulfillment erodes your brand’s worth. Our founders directly encountered this challenge, prompting us to establish East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment Guarantees: we meet these commitments.

Our People

Our team members are your dedicated logistics experts, beginning from the moment they answer the phone to comprehend your requirements. They are meticulous about every detail because they prioritize the most important factor: your customers.

Pick & Pack Accuracy

There’s no worse feeling for your customers than getting the wrong stuff. We send the right stuff.

Zero Shrinkage

Once we have it, we don’t lose it or damage it. P.S. Ask other 3PLs about shrinkage allowance.

Dock to Stock in 2 Business Days

Your Out of Stock message is our business. We get your customers what they need when they need it.

On-Time Shipments

When creating great customer experiences, speed matters. And speed starts with getting your orders out the door on time, every time.

Our team members are, first and foremost, consultants

Some other 3PLs may swiftly offer you pricing within 15 minutes, then rush you off the call, and initially, that might seem satisfying. Our team, however, takes a thorough approach to grasp your requirements and fashion a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your distinct needs. Certain aspects are valuable enough to warrant patience – double-check before making a single cut.

Dedicated onboarding support

Similar to any strong relationship, partnering with a fulfillment provider demands added attention in the early stages. Our committed onboarding team invests additional time and effort to comprehend your requirements and fine-tune a procedure that ensures a smooth transition, benefiting both you and your customers.

Ongoing support from people who have done the work

Our Client Success Team comprises individuals who honed their skills on the warehouse floor, gaining firsthand experience in tasks like receiving, picking, packing, and shipping. They stand ready to assist you whenever you require their support. Whether you’re facing an inbound logistics challenge, a carrier error, or require assistance with a unique inventory project, you can promptly connect with a knowledgeable team member for genuine help.