About East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment

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East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment was established in 2003 with one goal in mind. We felt it was important to offer the ability to ship to the major east coast cities quickly and affordably. Located just 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia and only 5 minutes from the turnpike, we’ve been providing cost-effective fulfillment solutions in this strategic location for the last 15 years and we’re only growing.

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               East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment (ECWF) was started in 2003 by local entrepreneur, Frank Piliero Sr.  Frank worked, approximately, 15 years in the Chester County area at that point, and after moving on from some previous business ventures, he decided to move into the 3PL space with his family.  Below is a picture of Frank Piliero Sr., who is the CEO of ECWF.

Frank A. Piliero Sr. CEO

Frank had an affinity for the warehouse business, as he had worked in the warehousing and tire business during much of his twenties.  As such, he started East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment and quickly became a mainstay for local storage and fulfillment needs in the immediate area.  At that time, e-commerce business was still in its infancy, so ECWF primarily concentrated on storing local B2B goods and fulfilling them as needed.  In 2011, Frank felt it was best to look into the e-commerce space and see if ECWF could somehow be an asset to online sellers.  At this point, he hired more family members to oversee specific parts of the company.  Gregory Brown, Frank’s son-in-law, was brough on to oversee the sales department.  Donna Hudecki, Frank’s daughter, was hired as CFO and, lastly, Frank’s son Frank Piliero Jr., was hired to oversee the operation and business development of ECWF.  

Frank A. Piliero Jr. COO

Frank Jr., along with the aforementioned family members, really dedicated themselves to learning the ever-evolving 3PL e-commerce space.  Greg focused primarily on networking and locating other business owners who maybe in need of ECWF’s services, Donna focused on all things accounting, and Frank Jr. focused on the operations and technology aspect of the company.  Together, the Piliero family has built ECWF into one of the premier 3PL spaces in the country.  Blending a unique style of one-on-one first-class customer service paired with top of the industry technology, ECWF runs their business by one simple philosophy, as said by Frank Piliero Sr.

“ECWF’s primary mission is to, quite simply, offer the same customization, technology and operational features you’d find at a large 3PL with the dedication and service of a small family-owned business.”      

-Frank A. Piliero Sr.

The above has been ECWF’s creed since its inception, and establishes the foundation for what allows us to stand out from the competition.  Throughout the past twenty years we’re very proud to have established a reputation for outstanding accuracy, an unmatched SLA that ensure quick receiving and order output, and first-class customer service; all while ensure we’re offering cost-effective and competitive pricing to our partners.  We consider ourselves a true business partner with each of our customers, and in having that mentality, it’s easy to make decisions that benefit both our partners, and us, simultaneously.