Best Warehouse Kitting Services

ECWF Can Complete Light Assembly And Kitting Right In Our Fulfillment Warehouses.

Our kitting services let you sell personalized products and still outsource your order fulfillment. Our experienced staff provides reliable kitting services and light assembly. You get to create kits that add value to your product line without tying up a lot of inventory.

What Is Kitting And Light Assembly?

East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment offers a range of customization options for your products. We can affix labels or tags, bundle products into kits with new SKUs, incorporate custom lettering or numbering, and assemble components before shipping. We can also disassemble kits and return items to their original SKUs. These capabilities enable you to maintain flexible inventory management to meet changing demands.

Meet Customer Demands By Creating Appealing And Useful Kits That Make Shopping Easy. Fulfillment Kitting Services Will Help You Increase Your Ecommerce Sales And Revenue.

Who Needs Warehouse Kitting Services?

If you want to sell subscription boxes, our warehouse kitting services can kit your boxes and ship them to your subscribers. Warehouse kitting allows you to create appealing gift sets for the holidays. Ship components from different manufacturers to our eCommerce fulfillment warehouse and we will do the light assembly needed before shipping. We can also add product labels and package inserts.

With Product Assembly Fulfillment Services From East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment, Your Business Expansion Possibilities Are Endless.

Why East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment Is The Best Choice For Kitting Services

When searching for kitting services or light assembly within a warehouse, you require a dependable partner. East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment boasts an unparalleled track record of accuracy in the industry. This dedication ensures that your products are assembled correctly on the first attempt, and consistently so, every time.

Here are some of the other reasons to choose ECWF as your fulfillment kitting provider:

East Coast Warehouse Fulfillment’s Kitting And Light Assembly Services Aren’t Limited To Small Products. We Are Experts At Safely Shipping Bulky And Fragile Items.

We Specialize In Getting Heavier Shipments To Their Destinations Undamaged. We Find Ways To Help You Pay Less To Ship Big.

Subscription Boxes And Kits

Subscription boxes have become a fundamental component of the eCommerce landscape. Subscription-based businesses have thrived across various product categories, spanning beauty, healthcare, hobbies, and beyond. East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment excels at assembling all the necessary components to craft an enticing subscription box. Our meticulous approach goes beyond simply packing items into a box and sending them off. We can incorporate your custom packing materials and inserts to consistently delight your subscribers each month, ensuring they return for more, thus enhancing their overall experience.

Light Assembly In The Warehouse

East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment offers an extensive array of warehouse light assembly services. Our capabilities encompass light soldering, custom lettering and numbering, custom embroidery, and various assembly tasks. If you require a service that isn’t explicitly mentioned in this list, don’t hesitate to inquire. We are committed to expanding our light assembly service offerings and adapting to the evolving needs of our clients. Quality stands as our paramount concern, and we ensure that we possess a top-tier team and the best equipment for executing each light assembly service we provide.

Add Value With Kitting Services

East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment’s warehouse kitting services empower you to present an enticing assortment of your products at an attractive price point. Kits effectively address your customers’ needs by bundling together complementary products, thus sparing your customers the effort of sourcing individual items to complete a project or create a thoughtful gift. Kitting not only enhances customer convenience but also contributes to cost savings in shipping, as products can be efficiently packed together. This approach enables you to increase product sales while simultaneously simplifying your customers’ lives.

Just-In-Time Kitting And Assembly

Kitting fulfillment services provide you with the versatility to assemble kits according to your specific demand. Warehouse light assembly, on the other hand, liberates capital that you might otherwise have tied up in inventory. When East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment handles the creation of your kits and conducts light assembly within the warehouse as your customers place orders, you can operate your business efficiently and cost-effectively. This approach enables you to allocate your funds towards the growth of your business. Additionally, ECWF can facilitate the reverse process: we can disassemble your inventory to meet demand if you require additional stock of individual products.

What Can Kitting Services Do For Your Business?

Fulfillment kitting can be a crucial tool for elevating your business to the next level. The flexibility and convenience of outsourced kitting and light assembly enable you to allocate more resources to business development. Here are a few examples of how East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment’s customers have leveraged our kitting services to foster the growth of their businesses:

When You Trust East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment With Your Fulfillment Warehouse Kitting, You Know Your Products Are In Good Hands. No One Takes Quality More Seriously Than We Do. We Provide Practically Error-Free Kitting And Light Assembly Services For Our Clients.