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We’re Not Your Typical 3PL Warehouse

If you believe that all Third Party Logistics (3PL) services are identical, allow us to introduce you to East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment. Our commitment to achieving perfection in 3PL warehousing and fulfillment is so unwavering that we offer compensation if we make any mistakes. If you’re weary of dealing with the headaches caused by 3PL shipping errors, let us demonstrate why East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment’s dedication and services stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you haven’t utilized 3PL services before or are uncertain about what they entail, you can find more information about 3PL and its functions here.

3PL Warehousing

3PL Fulfillment

3PL Shipping

3PL Warehousing

Your business may have experienced the drawbacks of working with another 3PL warehouse: issues like inventory logging delays, lost items, shrinkage, and limited visibility. East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment (ECWF) is here to revolutionize the negative aspects of 3rd Party Logistics services. Your inventory won’t languish unattended on a loading dock. Our seamless interface empowers you to maintain a tight grip on your inventory and reorder levels.

In our 3PL warehouse, the concept of shrinkage is foreign to us. If, by any chance, one of your items goes missing or is damaged while under our care, we promptly reimburse you, no questions asked.

2 Day Dock-To-Stock

Within 2 days of your inventory arriving at our warehouse, we’ll have accurately processed every individual piece into the live inventory picking shelves.

Zero Shrinkage Allowance

We’re the only 3PL Warehouse to operate with 0% shrinkage allowance. We don’t believe you should suffer a loss from lost or damaged inventory.

Inventory Management

Our web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you unprecedented visibility into the movement of your inventory, all updated in real time.

Kitting & Inserts

Kitting, light assembly, marketing inserts, and other unique value-adding services are crucial processes carried out by your 3PL Warehouse.

3PL Fulfillment

Few things are as detrimental to your eCommerce business as delayed orders or incorrect packages. Not only do these errors result in financial losses, but if not addressed properly, they can also lead to the loss of valuable customers. This is precisely why East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment (ECWF) is committed to providing the utmost level of 3PL fulfillment services in the industry.

The fulfillment of your online orders lies at the heart of our operations, and we stand behind our promise of same-day fulfillment with impeccable accuracy for every order. Your satisfaction and the seamless execution of your orders are our top priorities.

3PL Shipping

The responsibilities of your 3PL fulfillment center extend well beyond the point of shipping your customers’ orders. It’s essential to promptly update tracking information from the carrier, allowing your customers to track their shipments and ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Whether your shipments are destined for domestic or international locations, your 3PL should also offer the advantage of discounted shipping rates while optimizing your parcels to help you mitigate the negative effects of Dimensional Weight Pricing. This holistic approach ensures a cost-effective and efficient shipping process for your business.

3rd Party Logistics Redefined

In simple terms, we are a unique third-party fulfillment provider. Our approach sets us apart, as we aim to seamlessly integrate with your business, becoming a successful extension of your operations.

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