How Kitting Saves You Time and Money on Your Shipments

How Kitting Saves You Time and Money on Your Shipments

How Kitting Saves You Time and Money on Your Shipments: A large amount of the population shops online with some individuals even buying something online more than once per month. It’s no wonder why that online shopping often offers more choices and cheaper prices. However, the most common factor that makes a customer abandon their shopping carts is the shipping costs. This translates to a huge opportunity loss for many businesses.

If your company is struggling with the financial impact of customers’ abandoned carts, kitting your items can be the answer to that problem.

Benefits of Kitting

Kitting is the packaging of related items and then selling them as one unit. It is very popular across nearly every industry, including auto parts, arts and crafts, and the toy industry. 

If you haven’t incorporated kitting and packaging into your business yet, it’s time that you did! It is more than just adding a new product to your lineup. This technique helps save time and money for your business. Here are some of the major benefits.

Secure Packaging

Kitting services invest heavily in their packaging. They choose boxes with just the right sizes to fit everything without causing damage. This means that when the products reach your clients, you can be sure that the items inside will be perfectly intact.

Cheaper Shipping

Since the kits you sell will neatly package your products and ship them off together, you and your customers will only be paying one shipping fee instead of multiple shipping costs. Significantly lower shipping costs will make your clients much more willing to push through with an order. The result can lead to reducing the number of abandoned carts that your customers leave behind.

Easier Assembly

Kitting is usually done in bulk instead of one at a time. Since the assembly line has a clear-cut list of what goes inside each box, there’s a higher guarantee that every order is accurate. This keeps client satisfaction up and prevents returns or refunds because of errors.

Fewer Shipping Mistakes

If you have to individually fulfill orders and ship the products, chances are that the items won’t all arrive at the same time to the customer. Some items may even get lost in the system. Since kits will all be tucked neatly into a single package, kitting prevents these shipping errors from happening as often.

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