How We Improve the Customer Satisfaction for Subscription Box Members

How We Improve the Customer Satisfaction for Subscription Box Members

With subscription boxes becoming increasingly popular among companies, it can be challenging to keep up with the demands of daily subscription fulfillment. You want to ensure that deliveries are made on time to satisfy your customer’s needs and grow your business.

If you’re looking to outsource the fulfillment of your subscription orders, East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment is here to help. Our subscription box fulfillment services help companies improve their bottom line by saving more money on shipping, packaging, and kitting.

Read on to find out how our services can improve the customer satisfaction of your subscription box members.

Custom Packing and Kitting Services

East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment is more than a subscription box fulfillment center. We offer a wide range of value-added services that will meet the needs of your company and your customers.

With our custom fulfillment kitting services, you can provide a better experience to your customers. We ensure a high standard of both care and presentation for our subscription boxes. Our kitting services include combining, installing, labeling, and packaging.

We group individual items with specific bundles for sale so that your customers can purchase them in convenient packages.

Our custom packing standards ensure that your customers receive what you want precisely for their subscription boxes. If we get products from other delivery teams or outside vendors, we can adjust, add, or remove the wrapping and packaging before shipping the boxes.

Inventory Management System

At East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, we provide a subscription box inventory management system to help you keep track of your business.

All of your products are tracked in real-time using radiofrequency. The data is uploaded to our system, allowing complete access to your products and orders at any time. You can also track and trace them from origin to destination.

Our inventory management system lets you manage customers’ orders with speed and agility while helping you reduce losses.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Reliable, timely deliveries are critical to your business’ success and customer satisfaction. At East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, we offer high-quality service for your shipping needs.

We ensure consistency and accuracy with all of our deliveries. You can rest assured that the subscription boxes will reach your customers on time.

We also offer signed Proof of Deliveries online, so you can check if your customers have received their orders. You can have peace of mind that your subscription box deliveries are handled efficiently to you and your customer’s standards.

Get Help From Our Subscription Box Fulfillment Team

Outsourcing your fulfillment, packing, kitting, and delivery gives you more time to focus on core business tasks. East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment can provide a professional, uniquely crafted experience that will meet the demands of your business and customers.Let us know what your subscription box fulfillment needs are. Get in touch with us today! We would love to hear from you.