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Kitting and bundling is an essential part of eCommerce shipping and handling.  Without a kitting and assembly company on your side, you could get stuck performing these tasks in-house. The kitting process can help you save a lot of time and money and helps to get your orders shipped to customers quickly. At East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, we provide fulfillment centers for subscription boxes and assembly fulfillment services to enable kitting and packaging for your eCommerce business. We can ship items together and provide cost-effective product kitting services for your startup, SME or large corporation to help you offer a better customer experience. If you’re looking for kitting and fulfillment services, we’re here to help with all of your needs.

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What is Kitting?

Kitting and bundling is essentially a fulfillment service offered by third-party logistics providers that involves packaging together individual items. We group these together for clients that have specific bundles for sale so that customers can purchase them in convenient packages.

Say for example you’d like to bundle individual parts together to be assembled into a cohesive unit for your customer. Our kitting department specializes in combining, installing, labeling, packaging and so much more to crate the perfect solution for your individual needs. Our versatility in the product kitting field is just one of the reasons our fulfillment kitting services are so popular. With our kitting and bundling services, you won’t have to go through the trouble of picking, receiving or assembling individual parts, we’re happy to take care of it for you!

Kitting and Bundling

The kitting process is utilized when items need to be arranged in a specific order. Product kitting may require information and processes unique to your inventory. In these situations, we’re happy to build a plan with your team to become an extension of your business providing exceptional service and completing the job correctly.

In contrast, bundling is simply putting together multiple pieces into a single bundle. Kitting packaging can also be customized and branded with your company’s logo and information, making it even more personalized and unique to your business. Our kitting and fulfillment services are the best around because we truly care about your business and satisfying your customers.  If you want hands-off kitting fulfillment, you can trust us to do the job correctly every time.

Kitting and assembly

Do I Need Kitting and Fulfillment Services?

The usefulness of kitting and packaging or kitting and bundling really depends on your business model.  Fulfillment kitting may be more appropriate for one type of business than another. Assembly fulfillment services are fantastic if you’re selling multiple products that can be bundled. For instance, office supplies are products that are suitable for the kitting process because it’s easy to put together a kit of items that can help your customers decide what to purchase. Fulfillment kitting allows you to let us take care of this job automatically.

Here are a couple of examples of kitting in warehouse:


Pre-Assembled Products

Kitting in warehouse can be used to assemble products if the parts are tracked individually. Kitting assembly and fulfillment can be done on-site at East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment so that when your customer orders a specific product, it will be shipped and assembled for their convenience. Kitting and fulfillment reduces the shipping costs for you since you don’t need to pre-assemble the product before it’s stored in our warehouse. You can also order multiple parts from different vendors and have them arrive ready for kitting in warehouse.  Kitting in warehouse makes these types of orders simple for you!

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have grown in popularity thanks to the variety of items that your customers get each month or week, and kitting and bundling services makes this a breeze to set up. You can realize huge savings by using kitting packaging services. Handling kitting and packaging services in-house requires trained staff and assembly space; as a small business, this can put a big strain on your budget. Kitting and fulfillment services can ensure that the process of putting together the subscription box is inexpensive, meaning you can pass the savings on to your customers. Kitting subscription boxes also give you the opportunity to package and sell multiple products at once which helps to increase the value of your products while also being convenient for the customer. This is what makes kitting and packaging such a convenient way to sell products, especially if your store specializes in a plethora of smaller items such as makeup, cosmetics, art supplies or even food.  The bottom line: outsourcing your kitting and packaging will save you time and money.

Personalized Goods

Some personalized goods can be considered for kitting assembly and fulfillment services if the products used can be sold separately and when they are tracked in your system. For instance, if you offer different patch options for clothing items or different color combinations for a shelf, then kitting in warehouse could be a viable option to help you offer a wider range of product choices for your customers. If you offer customization options to your customers, kitting fulfillment will help ensure that the product is assembled professionally to the customer’s specification before it is shipped. This is one of the most common uses of kitting and bundling and comes highly recommended if you want to offer personalization options to your audience.

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Kitting & Packaging Process

Kitting fulfillment can take a long time if you do it yourself, which is why kitting and bundling services are so popular among new eCommerce businesses.  Kitting and assembly can be too big a job for a small staff. Kitting and fulfillment services can save you a lot of time thanks to the speed and efficiency of our product kitting processes. With specialized fulfillment kitting services available from East Coast Warehouse and Fulfillment, you have a cost-effective solution to provide your customers with bundled goods in a convenient package.  When you outsource your kitting process, you’ll have more time to focus on marketing and other core business activities.

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The Importance of Kitting Packaging

Product kitting can be a major help to boost your business. It can help you stand out from competitors, increase the exposure of individual products and make your vision easily accessible to the customer. Kitting packaging is an affordable and efficient way to maximize your business and it’s visibility. With so many benefits to outsourcing your kitting and packaging needs, it’s easy to see why this service is so popular.

Thankfully, kitting fulfillment services are simple to set up, establish and optimize thanks to our efficient processes at East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment. Our dedicated kitting team will be more than happy to work with you on a plan for your kitting and bundling needs so that every time an order comes through, they’ll know how to handle it correctly and efficiently.

In short, kitting and fulfillment services are an easy and productive way to increase both your profit and brand awareness in a completely unique way. These services are simple to set up and act as a convenient and cost-effective way to boost your brand’s information.

Kitting Bundling

Kitting refers to an order fulfillment process. The following are a list of the methods that can be used in the kitting process:

  • packaged
  • grouped
  • supplied together as a single unit
  • labeled
  • tested

A kit of items can be bundled together and shipped as one unit if need be. This is referring to product bundling which are usually separate items. Often there are packaging and kitting services available to foster an efficient fulfillment process.

Kitting and bundling work beautifully together in terms of teamwork. The marvelous kitting packaging and kitting services incorporate the following:

  • grouping and pairing products
  • marketing
  • complementary and compatible products
  • the whole presentation of products

The entire warehouse assembly process adds up to a highly satisfied customer experience provided through teamwork so your items reach their destination safely and soundly. The entire kitting process require a specific environment with equipment that keeps your necessary product protection in place. It also requires an effective, fail proof shipping method. When you take advantage of our kitting in warehouse services, you won’t have to concern yourself with any of these things. Let us carry the weight.

Our kitting warehouse prides itself on the highly efficient systems that management customizes for each business partner. Our kitting warehouse utilizes a management system with your SKU inventory that is highly accurate and dependable for all your management needs. Our warehouse assembly staff is ready to step in to help control your inventory needs from top to bottom.

Kitting involves the separate pieces into one offering. Warehouse assembly is no problem in this type of system. Ready-to-ship is the name of the game for kitting and assembly because this fulfilment process is expedited with ease. Kitting and assembly is the assembly of all of the needed separate pieces, and it is common to include those items that are pre-built in batches. Efficient delivery is expected, and kitting and assembly offers an efficient delivery of all items. Warehouse assembly is provided.

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Essential Product Kitting Help

Professional Kitting Assistance

Do you need professional kitting help? Call us at East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment. We make handling any and all kitting and assembly matters feel easy and efficient for all of our customers. Do you want to find the best kitting fulfillment company? Do you want assistance with kitting and packaging that never leaves anything to be desired? Let us know. Our fulfillment kitting services are comprehensive and detail-oriented. If you want to get hands-on fulfillment kitting services that can make your work life a lot easier, then we’re on the job for you at any time.

Our warehouse assembly assistance is top of the line, because that’s what our clients deserve. If you want to get your hands-on product kitting services that simply cannot be rivaled, then there’s no finer option for you than to put all of your attention into our illustrious team. We’re a kitting warehouse that’s the portrait of organization. If you want to recruit a product kitting service that defines excellence, you cannot beat our kitting warehouse in any way. Our kitting process is exhaustive and thorough. Our team members have thought our kitting process out at length. We’ve never been a kitting warehouse that has cut any corners or taken any shortcuts.

Our kitting and fulfillment services are also wonderful value for your money. If you want to secure kitting and fulfillment services that won’t break the bank, we can take care of you. We’re proud to give our customers access to kitting and bundling help that’s economical. Our kitting and bundling rates are competitive. Our kitting and bundling help is a bargain for all sorts of reasons.

We know kitting packaging at length. If you have any concerns that involve kitting packaging and how it functions, we will be here to answer your questions. If you want kitting in warehouse help that goes above and beyond our competitors in the kitting packaging industry, we have you covered. Our kitting in warehouse service is everything you want it to be.

We know product kitting, warehouse assembly, and fulfillment kitting services matters in great detail. We understand kitting and packaging fundamentals. With all the nuances involved with kitting and packaging, you want a warehouse assembly company with experience. If you want to secure the best product kitting help, you won’t find a better kitting warehouse anywhere else in the country. Our kitting fulfillment is outstanding. Our kitting and assembly work can help your company significantly.

Do you want fine kitting and fulfillment services? Our kitting services are the best around. We can wow you with kitting in warehouse prowess that’s rare. If you’re in need of kitting and assembly services, get in touch with our team today. We never let customers down with our kitting fulfillment work. Our kitting process can help your business thrive.


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