Optimize Your Assembly Process

Optimize Your Assembly Process

Optimize Your Assembly Process: One factor all successful business people out as a key to their success is learning how to delegate. Warehouse or fulfillment center services are among the best aspects to delegate.

Outsourcing fulfillment and assembly processes provide greater flexibility and cost savings. Working with a passionate and efficient assembly team provides better customer satisfaction as well.

Below are the 5 Parts of Our Assembly Process Your Business Can Benefit to our partners.

1. High Volume and Bulk Assembly

Our warehouses are fully equipped and prepared for high volume and bulk product assembly. We employ a sizable team and an efficient assembly line to ensure we complete all bulk assembly services properly, regardless of the volume.

After assembling the products left in our care, our team also takes on the responsibility of storing them properly and securely. We also offer fulfillment kitting services. Similar to bulk assembly, we can take care of picking your items and assembling ordered product kits.

2. Quality Control and Inspections

Quality assurance is an essential task for any business. However, it is also one of the more time-consuming aspects of business management. By outsourcing your product assembly to our team, we can take care of all quality control and inspections.

Our team takes care of inspecting each product, cross-checking each order, monitoring the stock, and more. We perform warehouse tests and checks to help prevent any confusion regarding product requirements, customer orders, and packaging requirements.

3. Tagging and Labeling

Asset tagging and labeling are also one part of our assembly process. Each product stored in our warehouse is properly tagged, labeled, and tracked. Additionally, each tag or label is unique to prevent mix-ups and confusion.

Our asset tagging and labeling help businesses maintain an accurate inventory of their items. This further helps businesses when generating regulatory compliance reports or audits.